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Wolfe Automotive Group Oil Change For Life





We would love to welcome you to the Wolfe Automotive Group family and our Oil Change for Life program, THE WOLFE PACK ADVANTAGE! The Wolfe Automotive Group is comprised of GSL GM CITY, Wolfe Cadillac, Western GMC Buick, Westgate Chevrolet and Wolfe Canmore.

As a token of our appreciation for your loyalty & support, we are pleased to offer you FREE OIL CHANGES FOR LIFE! Simply inquire with our sales team about the details on how to follow the Wolfe Automotive Group maintenance schedule with your new vehicle purchase and you will not be charged for the cost of the engine oil and oil filter change portion of your service.


1. All vehicle maintenance must be performed within the Wolfe Automotive Group dealerships to qualify for our OIL CHANGE FOR LIFE program.
2. The Wolfe Automotive Group maintenance book must be presented at every service to qualify and remain on the program.
3. Owners are responsible for all necessary maintenance costs as required under the Wolfe Automotive Group maintenance schedule less the cost of the oil and filter change, (Parts and Labour)
4. The vehicle oil life monitor must be at 20% or less to receive your free oil change.
5. All warranty work must be performed by one of the Wolfe Automotive Group's dealerships. Exceptions will be made for out-of-town emergencies only, appropriate documentation will be required.
6. We constantly monitor our competitors' pricing, including those of other GM dealers in Alberta. We assure you that our pricing will be competitive.
7. This offer is transferable with the sale of your vehicle, renewable, has no cash value and is valid only within the Wolfe Automotive Group.
8. The complimentary oil change includes the cost of oil and filter and labour associated. Customers will be allowed to pay the difference for any requested upgrade to premium oil.
9. No taxi’s or ride share programs qualify under this program
10. The OIL CHANGE FOR LIFE program applies to new or pre-owned General Motors vehicles only.
11. The Wolfe Automotive Group reserves the right to refuse any vehicle under the OIL CHANGE FOR LIFE program if it is determined the customer has abused the program.
12. The Wolfe Automotive Group reserves the right to cancel or modify this program without prior notice.


*Vehicle maintenance menus are outlined in your Wolfe Automotive Group maintenance book. They outline the regular maintenance necessary to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your vehicle. The Wolfe Automotive Group shall not charge you for any regularly scheduled oil and filter changes providing every other maintenance menu item is performed at a Wolfe Automotive Group store. This program automatically expires when a maintenance menu item is missed or refused.

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