Meet The Wolfe Canmore Team!

  • Harrison Wolfe
    Harrison Wolfe
    General Manager
  • Kristy Wolfe
    Kristy Wolfe
    Director Special Initiatives
  • Kristi Hanson
    Kristi Hanson
    Dealership Controller
  • Steve Algeo
    Steve Algeo
    Sales Manager
  • D.J. Howatt
    D.J. Howatt
    Sales Product Specialist
  • Sheldon Sneesby
    Sheldon Sneesby
    Sales Product Specialist
  • Melanie Genois
    Melanie Genois
    Finance Manager
  • Toni Jasper
    Toni Jasper
    Fixed Ops Manager
  • Kathy Francis
    Kathy Francis
    Assistant Parts Manager
  • Thiago Santiago
    Thiago Santiago
    Parts Advisor
  • Indy
    In Loving Memory
  • Ashely Wolfe
    Ashely Wolfe
  • Marg Manovich
    Marg Manovich
    Executive Assistant to the President
  • Lachlan Griffiths
    Lachlan Griffiths
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Aleksandra Banas
    Aleksandra Banas
    Marketing Director
  • Robbie Rousson
    Robbie Rousson
    Wolfe Automtoive Group, Digital Marketing Manager

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