Wolfe Automotive Group The Wolfe Automotive Groupiscommitted to providing the most enjoyable buying experience and unparalleled customer service. It does not just stopherein Canmore at Wolfe Canmore. You will find this same commitment at all of our dealer group locations in theWolfeAutomotive Group, including Edmonton with Wolfe Cadillac and with Westgate Chevrolet and Western GMC and Buick.Ourstores come together to feature a fantastic selection of vehicles and a sales staff geared to finding what you wantandmaking your buying experience as enjoyable as possible. If you are located outside of the Canmore area and near oneofour sister dealers please pay them a visit. We are your one stop shop for a Cadillac dealership, Buick dealership,GMCdealership and Chevrolet dealership in Calgary, Edmonton and Canmore Alberta!

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